my bicycle project for the World Listening Day 2016 #wld2016









for the World Listening Day 2016, I propose the last Bicycle project.

The route is the score, with its dynamics, accents, turns and stops.

The bicycle play with electronics parts only. Three Attinys 85 synths programmed for this project, interact with the wheels and others conductive materials of the bike (brakes, handlebars, frame).

The route manages sounds like a musician and is score.

Two of three Attinys, work with original intuition: 8 bit quality of this micro-processor with vintage germanium transistor. The sound is unusual and original: cheap digital quality micro-processor and hippie psychedelic style transistor. Like a Woodstock techno party!

To the week of July 16th-22nd, I record audio and video and I present the live performance. The audio-video project participates in the exhibition “Bicycle Wheels – Homage to Duchamp(Siracusa, Sicily. August 25th, September 25nd).



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