my Sound Pedalling and #WLD2013 Story (part 1)

my Sound Pedalling and #WLD2013 Story (part 1)

What you ear is what the bike ears: the story of origin, recording, mix and play…
My participation at World Listening Day 2013 and looking at the world: Canada, Usa, Japan, Italy, Brazil, Ireland, Spain, Cile, France…

  1. #WLD2013 participants in Italy include @lacosapreziosa @VacuaMoenia @nto @akoustikos (& perhaps some more individuals & organizations…?)
  2. teaser (ENG-ITA) Quello che ascolta la mia bicicletta (What my bike ears) #WLD2013 @World_Listening #Pavia #sound
  3. Sound Objects:quello che ascolta una bicicletta SENTIREASCOLTARE 1.0… via @SAonlinemag for #WLD2013 @World_Listening
    Jeudi 18, Journée mondiale de l’écoute, “Word Listening Day”
    Pour les lyonnais ou visiteurs, promenade…
  5. World Forum for Acoustic Ecology (WFAE) and World Listening Day 2013 @ Poggioreale Antica
  6. Mañana desde las 9 hrs COT … empieza la programación especial por la #semanadelaescucha por @World_Listening
  8. another teaser for #WLD2013… next week my bike ears, this week my bike play @World_Listening #soundscape #bike
  9. Este Jueves celebramos el Día Mundial de la Escucha con dos actividades, quedan cordialmente invitad@s.
  10. Dia Mundial da Escuta 2013/ World Listening Day 2013…
  11. Wake up! Record session for #wld2013 is comimg
  12. Fixed mics on bike #wld2013
  13. Gopro camera fixed! #wld2013
  14. Comincia il percorso. La prima tappa: strada mediante trafficata, parte di ciclabile. #wld2013
  15. Zona residenziale con ciclabile #wld2013
  16. Ingresso al parco #wld2013
  17. Verso il centro di #Pavia #wld2013
  18. Dal centro, attraversando il ponte per rientrare in città #wld2013
  19. Ultima tappa: dal ponte coperto, lungo il fiume Ticino #wld2013
  20. FEATURED #composer for JULY: R. Murray Schafer, who turns 80 on Thursday. LISTEN to his work on our #SoundMakers site
  21. Anastasya Koshkin is organizing a listening walk by Lake Ontario — this Fri. @Soundstreams @gardinermuseum #WLD2013
  22. framework:afield ed. #429, produced by Marcos Fernandes, with the Tokyo Phonographers Union! @nakakuboy #WLD2013
  23. Its THIS week! Let us know if you can join in and where you might be on Thursday!
  24. I’m edit video and audio for #WLD2013 project. It’s only question of balance, compression, fx. @World_Listening see you tomorrow!

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